Monday, March 15, 2010

Pinball Accident..

Yesterday...i nearly get into an accident which can cause me died immediately.... thank lucky!

In fact, i watched live show in front of me. Is completely unbelievable. I'm stunt inside my car watching a pinball accident!

Firstly, i was at the slow lane. There is a taxi in front of me driving super slow about 30, so i over take him meanwhile my bro follow too because he is just right at the back of me. My bro wanted to over take me but he decided to stick back to slow lane which behind of me because he saw there is a Toyota Innova speeding front behind at the fast lane, well during that time is raining..road are slippery.I saw him speeding from my right hand side i slow down...

When the moment i saw his front left tyre turn extremely fast and he so stupid totally hit his break and finally hit the divider of the slow lane. And I was in the slow lane!! There is only 2 lane unfortunately at a small highway in front of HELP University College before turning to Bangsar.

I was like "WOW".....lucky i did not press my petal, if not his front head bumper will 100% direct bang into my driver seat side, if seriously happened i confirm died!

That Toyota Innova was like a pin ball...hit to the right and hit to the back then 360 degree turn and hit right back to left again..!

I think my bro looked afraid because he scared that i did not press my break..
if i press the petal.. he will see his sister die in front of his eyes.........

Thank you GOD for saving me!........

No joke carefully everyone!

ps: i didn't manage to take some pictures....too bad!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Isaac said "I am 3"

Yes!! Isaac is 3 years old already...time past so fast right??

Well he had 2 celebrations!! Sobs...I missed the 2nd one!!First is with family(at home) , Second is with his church friends(at McD seksyen14).

OMG!! i love the chocolate cupcake from wondermilk!! is DELICIOUS!!!

Sobs....i missed to taste this!!! Is a sugar icing chocolate cake from secret recipe....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing much to write about in september....

Just accompany my darling while he is in malaysia....then till the end of september, I went to KLIA with him and his parents because he is going back to Aberdeen,UK. His flight is at 2am!! Wow!!

Thanks to his parents fetched me home!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My GG is 1....

My little precious princess is.........

Yes 1 years old fast!!

Roar..!!! GG loves the mama bought this....
"G...are you happy??" "yessss..."

Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Toy!!

♥♥ Wuhuuu.....!! thank you darling!!.... ♥♥